Dr Niels van Pelt

General Cardiologist

Dr Niels van Pelt

Dr Niels van Pelt



“I really enjoying managing peoples heart problems, whether it is assessing a person’s future cardiovascular risk or investigating possible heart-related symptoms. My emphasis is on personalised assessment and investigation including stress testing and cardiac CT.

Investigations may lead to either invasive procedures such as coronary angiography and treatments including coronary stenting or institution of proven and effective medical therapy which will reduce future risk.

However, I often find that the results of my assessment are reassuring giving peace of mind for the future.”

Dr Niels van Pelt's Background

Dr Niels van Pelt is a consultant cardiologist at Auckland City Hospital. After training in Cardiology in Auckland he completed a fellowship in non invasive cardiac imaging at the Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  Prior to his current appointment, he was a cardiologist at Middlemore Hospital, Auckland for 14 years where he established the cardiac CT programme.

He is a previous Chair of the New Zealand Cardiac Imaging Working Group of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. He has also been on the CT conjoint committee for the certification of cardiac CT in Australia and NZ.

Niels is interested in all areas of adult cardiology with a particular clinical interest in risk factor modification, ischaemic heart disease, valvular heart disease and cardiac imaging including all aspects of echocardiography and cardiac CT.

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