Why Ascot Angiography?

When Doctors Andrew Maslowski and Warwick Jaffe founded Ascot Angiography in 1998, they created a cardiology practice that provides a continuum of cardiac care in one modern facility.

In most instances your consulting specialist is also your Interventional Cardiologist.

Less stress, less time

The simplicity and convenience of getting everything you need in one place is a huge advantage. It’s easy to find parking and you don’t have to search for unfamiliar names or locations. All tests can usually be arranged within the Ascot Hospital building. If an appointment indicates the need for an angiogram or echocardiogram, you’re already in the right place.

Referrals are easy

Your GP will refer you to one of our cardiologists for your initial consultation and will ensure that all of your relevant medical history is available to the cardiologist before your appointment. This is usually within a fortnight or sooner if necessary. Your cardiologist can then proceed with your assessment and treatment pathway, depending on your individual needs.

Highly respected cardiologists

Behind Ascot Angiography is a highly experienced and skilled team of cardiologists – both interventional and non-interventional. The team is focused on service delivery from the patient’s perspective. All of our specialists are proactive at ensuring they provide patients with the latest technology and techniques to ensure exceptional patient outcomes.

Quality Care

The facilities at Ascot are of a high standard. Whether you are a day stay patient or required to stay overnight, the patient rooms are modern with a pleasant outlook to mature trees. Your dietary needs and that of your support person are comprehensively catered for.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider

Southern Cross Affiliated Providers with online approval interface. Fixed co-pays and flexible payment plans are available.


The staff will help you seek approval from your insurer. Flexible payment plans are available.

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