Getting Ready

You will be given an appointment time and detailed admission instructions when you book your procedure. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions.


Take your morning medications unless instructed otherwise by your cardiologist. If your procedure is in the morning, please omit any diuretics (water tablets) e.g., Lasix, Frusemide, Moduretic, Aldactone. If your procedure is in the afternoon, you may take these medications as you would normally.

Please bring all medication you are taking with you to Hospital.


The day before angiography, please take diabetic medications as you normally do. On the day, please follow these guidelines:

If you take diabetic tablets (eg insulin, metformin, glipizide etc) and:

a) your procedure is before 12 noon:

  • Do not eat breakfast
  • Do not take your diabetic tablets
  • Your nurse clinician will check your blood sugar prior to the procedure.

b) your procedure is after 12 noon:

  • Eat breakfast as usual
  • Take your routine tablets with breakfast

If you take insulin and:

a) your procedure is before 12 noon:

  • Eat breakfast as usual, taking note of last food time above
  • Take half your usual morning dose of insulin
  • Your nurse clinician will check your blood sugar prior to the procedure.

b) your procedure is after 12 noon:

  • Eat breakfast as usual
  • Take half your usual dose of insulin
  • You may have morning tea, but note last food time above, or follow hospital staff instructions


You should have nothing to eat for four hours before admission time, but please continue to have small sips of water if required, until your admission.

Hospital Stay

(at the Coronary Care Unit – phone 520 9360)

Please bring an overnight bag, even if ‘day stay’ only is planned, in case it should become necessary for you to stay overnight. Angioplasty patients will need to stay for one night in hospital following their procedure unless a radial entry was used, in which case you can go home the same day as the procedure. If your cardiologist has planned for your procedure to be a day stay, you will not be able to drive yourself home that same day. If you live outside the Auckland area, you may like to make arrangements to stay overnight in Auckland. If you require help with this, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Local Accommodation

If family or support people are accompanying you to Auckland, here are some suggestions for accommodation close to Ascot Hospital.


If you have private medical insurance with Southern Cross Health Insurance or NIB, we will seek prior approval for you, or advise you how best to go about getting cover for our services if you are partnered with an alternative insurer. Please note, some insurance companies require five working days for their approval process. Please phone Ascot Angiography with your prior approval number, before your procedure date.

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