“I’ve been with Ascot Angiography since its inception in 1998. During my years with the practice, I’ve aggressively driven advancements to ensure that our patients always get the benefit of new techniques, such as small diameter catheters, often before they’re used anywhere else in New Zealand. I like to push the boundaries, because that’s how medicine moves forward.”

Dr Andrew Maslowski

General and Interventional Cardiologist (semi-retired)
MB ChB 1973 Bristol; FRACP 1984; FCSANZ

Although retired from daily practice, Dr Andrew Maslowski is still a Medical Advisor to Ascot Angiography. He’s widely respected in the local cardiology world for his pioneering work with radial angiograms and angioplasties in New Zealand, which involve using the wrist for catheter access instead of the groin.

Today, nearly all angiograms and angioplasties at Ascot are done using the wrist access; patients benefit because it is safer, and recovery is faster. Dr Maslowski is also known for his pioneering interventions on patients with chronic total occlusions (complete blockage of a coronary artery).

He has been successfully treating chronic total occlusions with angioplasty for more than a decade. In July 2009, he successfully performed the difficult retrograde technique for a chronic total occlusion, the first done by any New Zealand cardiologist. Retirement has given Dr Maslowski more time to enjoy his interests – flying, sailing, running, travelling and chess. He’s also just taken up painting.