All of the specialists are actively involved in research projects and activities outside of Ascot Angiography. Whether or not it’s a trip to Samoa or Fiji to provide support to the local practitioners there, or involvement at community level here in New Zealand, our cardiologists are recognised for their contribution to both medicine and society.

Pacemaker update: Southern Cross cover

We are pleased to announce that our comprehensive pacemaker implantation service can now be offered under the Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Contract, providing patients with certainty around their co-payment. Further to this, Ascot Cardiology Group has a new supply contract in place for the high quality pacemaker generators used in the procedure. significantly reducing the […]

Red wine and resveratrol: Good for your heart?

Red wine and something in red wine called resveratrol might be heart healthy. Find out the facts, and hype, regarding red wine and its impact on your heart. Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as heart healthy. The alcohol and certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent heart disease by […]

The 4th Revolution – Drug Eluting Bioreabsorbable Stent (BVS)

Percutaneous treatment of coronary artery narrowing has come a long way. In the 80’s, balloon angioplasty was first introduced (1st Revolution). While many patients had their angina improved, it was associated with a high rate of major procedural complications and an early return of symptoms. In the 90’s, the bare metal stent was introduced (2nd […]